Joint Action for Human-Robot Interaction


JointAction4HRI bibliography available online

We make public a mirror of the project bibliography, if you want to have information about joint action, have a look there:


Workshop in Paris on Joint Action

We will organize a project workshop on Joint Action in Paris September 19th 2018.


Next fja workshop on the way

Our workshop "toward a Framework for Joint Action: what about theory of mind ?" has been accepted at RSS'18 conference.


Welcome Víctor

Victor Fernandez-Castro, working one year at Institut Jean Nicod and the second year LAAS will begin in April 2018.

He will work on commitments in human-human joint action as well as human-robot joint action.

Welcome Kathleen

We are happy to welcome Kathleen Belhassein who will join the project as PhD student!

JointAction4HRI at JAM'17 2017/07/26

JointAction4HRI was present at JAM'17 and was part of the organisation of the ROBOT'JAM session.

For more information, please have a look on the workshop webpage ( 

Kick-Off 2017/03/02

We did the kick-off meeting at LAAS on March 2nd 2017. Let's go !

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